4 questions to ask about multimedia content

Engaging learners with digital content paves the way for next-level learning experiences—and it all starts with high-quality multimedia content.

When considering multimedia presentation systems for classroom use, one’s mind immediately goes to the hardware–the monitors, projectors, and other components often grab all the attention. But, what is the critical ingredient in a multimedia presentation system? The MULTIMEDIA! Without high-quality multimedia content that is flexible to meet instructional goals, your presentation system is just a collection of high-priced hardware.

Over the last two years, I’ve had the unparalleled opportunity to talk with hundreds of educators nationwide as I gathered input and feedback on the design of Discovery Education Experience, our recently launched K-12 learning platform.

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During these discussions, I learned that educators approach choosing multimedia resources for their students just as they design classroom lessons–they start with their end goals in mind. They ask probing questions like: What are we trying to accomplish with our presentation system? What sort of instructional environment are we trying to create? What do we want teachers to be able to do within the multimedia environment we are creating?

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