Kickstarting the New Year!

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Here at Ednology we have “kickstarted” the year with new additions to the team, who combined, offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to their roles. We are committed to helping young people and further helping them transition into the working world. We support growth, which is why we chose to participate in the “Kickstart Scheme” which is a government funded scheme that provides funding to employers like Ednololgy to create jobs for 16-24 year olds.

As a team we aim to help schools with technology, and help them make more informed decisions when it comes to our products. Throughout the year, we hope to showcase the power of technology in education, through traditional business to business avenues as well as through online means, subsequently raising awareness around education and technology and supporting the growth of edtech manufacturers. 

Rejoice Musiri is a Business Development Manager at Ednology.

Working with schools to help them navigate the world of edtech in ways that benefit teaching and learning within the school.

With a background in Psychology, as well as previous experience working in Special Educational Needs schools  and with local authorities –  Rejoice has plenty of experience building relationships with people and helping them achieve their goals.

Rejoice is a massive foodie and enjoys trying dishes from cultures all over the world. When restaurants were not open, she began learning how to make some of the dishes for herself at home and hopes to continue improving. 

Kyle Lambert is a Marketing Executive at Ednology, where he’ll be working on internal and external graphics.

Having 3 years of experience in signage and print which included a lot of correspondence with companies and customers, has given Kyle the key skills needed to create and display the right information in the right places. Moving into Ednology, Kyle is excited to expand his skills further within the team.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys playing football, watching F1 and baking with the family. 

Hayden Marsh is a Marketing Executive at Ednology, where he works with our other graphic designer to create our marketing material for Ednology, ranging from brochure and online advertising to video editing and print work.

Prior to Ednology, Hayden worked part-time in his university’s brand-new print lab, helping newer students work and learn the printing machines, helping put digital skills to use and create physical marketing material, it’s here he learned how to work with younger students, including some from college trips, with students interested in coming to the University of Huddersfield.

Before and after gaining his degree at University, Hayden has worked with friends and other contacts to help brand, guide, and help people create their ideal businesses, communities and goals, alongside working with other university students to create professional briefs for the D&AD awards in 2021.

Outside of work, Hayden enjoys working on Art, Design, and reading books amongst other hobbies.

Jade Olugbemi is a Marketing Executive at Ednology, who works on planning and creating content for the various social media platforms.

Having recently finished a masters degree in luxury marketing, Jade has a developed understanding of consumer behaviour and the ever changing digital world and has utilised this by aiding others in becoming more digitally versed. From social media, graphic design, content marketing and communication, Jade’s skills are extensive and she is looking forward to using and expanding those skills further with the Ednology team. 

Jade dabbles in fashion content creation on Instagram and enjoys all things beauty, hair, food leisure. Additionally, Jade’s interest in hair has led her to start her own hair company which has given her a practical use of her marketing skills gained from her degrees. She also enjoys working out and going on solo cinema dates.

Last but by no means least, we introduce Peter Sumpton as our new Head of Marketing.

Having seen first-hand what poor marketing tactics and ineffective marketing strategies can do to a business, Peter knows how to effectively take the building blocks of marketing and formulate sound, structured and implementable plans for long-term success.

Peter has held many positions within marketing, from assistant to heading up several marketing departments. This ‘from the ground up’ approach allowed Peter to hone his skills and develop an understanding that every business is unique, everyone has their part to play and that success comes from well-designed Marketing strategies.

The passion and commitment to the profession Peter loves can be infectious!

The proof is always in the outcomes

·    Achieving 5 years of continuous growth within the construction/manufacturing industry

·    Doubling turnover for a small creative agency within the first 12 months

·    Launching a private-label bathroom range that generated £1 million sales in the first year

·    Producing and presenting my podcast with over 100+ episodes

Tutor and Mentor

Peter also helps others learn and develop their marketing skills, by focussing on both the theory and practical application of marketing, Peter’s teachings makes marketing fun, engaging but above all, valuable.


Peter covers the entire marketing spectrum from strategic planning to creative thinking and consumer engagement, culminating in his ultimate goal of helping as many marketers and marketing departments become central to their business in providing a marketing-led approach and achieving long term success.

There we have it. The new Ednology team! We look forward to working with Rejoice, Kyle, Hayden, Jade and Peter and seeing the work they produce over the next few months. Individually and collectively, it is safe to say that the team will make exceptional contributions to Ednology so sit back and watch greatness unfold.

Happy New Year!

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